Why Coach Training Matters

Posted on 22. Nov, 2010 by in Agile, Coaching

The week before last, I had the honor of supporting twenty Agile Coaches in taking a significant step in their development as coaches. Lyssa Adkins led the Coaching Agile Teams class from the front of the room, I led from the back, guardian of the space. It was a powerful experience for all of us!

Leading the coaches through numerous exercises—many from the field of professional coaching—participants got a variety of experiences and deepened their skill base to deal with the varied realities of coaching Agile teams.

On the evening of the first day at the Bay Area Agile group, Lyssa and I had the privilege of doing a coaching demo. A brave soul volunteered to offer up his current challenge, both for his own learning, and for the benefit of the group. The result was a riveting live coaching session. (Find someone who was there and ask them—not about the content, but about the impact it had on them.)

It took me back to my own coach training. I remember vividly how impressed I was with the coaching demonstrations of my teachers. They did things that simply blew me away, that got deep to the core of someone’s issue, all in a kind, uplifting and transformative way. I never thought I could do the same.

But last week, there we were—Lyssa and I—helping a man transform his own understanding of his world, his strength, his inner resources. He came up with a plan that he created, that he owned. Lyssa and I guided him in his process—much as an Agile Coach guides a team starting in the Agile way—holding the space, facilitating the (his) process. The client did the work, not us. He did his work, created his plan. Lyssa and I were there as humbled, privileged witnesses. It was a beautiful thing.

Class the next day felt different, though less than a quarter of the class had actually seen the demo. The space was changed. Deeper, charged with insight into the power of coaching.

Lyssa and I have joined together to bring this ability to catalyze transformation to others, to Agile Coaches. The time is right. It will require them (you!) to learn and to practice a new set of skills—coaching skills—ones that most people who have the desire to learn, can learn. And in that practicing, transformation occurs.

The time is right. The time is now.

Your next opportunity with Lyssa and me is December 8 and 9.

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