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You really have to love Thanksgiving. It is such a non-conflicted holiday for many of us. Lowered expectations compared to the ones to follow, more pure joy, and that mother of all virtues, gratitude. Being grateful creates a state of humility and openness in us. Acknowledging and being thankful for our blessings paves the way for more blessings. That good old virtuous circle.

Here’s my list. Feel free to add your own.

  1. First, I am grateful for my life partner, Teresa. She is a beautiful artist, a wise medicine woman, and a sexy woman who keeps me in line.
  2. Next, I am grateful for my beautiful daughters, Arielle and Chiara. They have both grown into wonderful young women and I am very proud of them.
  3. I am fortunate to have a wonderfully inspiring and focused ‘business wife’, Lyssa Adkins (blog). She and I co-founded the Agile Coaching Institute a year ago and life has not been the same. Which leads me to two more things to be grateful for:
  4. The students we teach at ACI are quite amazing. They are so much on a path to grow, to serve their teams, and to strive for their own Tao. It is inspiring to see it, class after class. The openness, the striving, the transformations. How fortunate!
  5. The other thing at ACI is the great collegues we get to work with: Cynthia, David, Bent, Bachan, Dan, and others that are coming. Choosing the best in the world is such a privilege. Wow!
  6. Finally, I am grateful for my teachers over the years. Chogyam Trungpa, Wally Weir, Becky Porter, Carlos Castaneda, Peter Ossorio, Marita & Faith, Daan Van Kampenhout, Arnie Mindell, Max Schupbach. Thank you for the wisdom and skills that make what I do possible.
  7. And finally finally, thank you to the Great Spirit. (Sorry, no web address available.)


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