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  • Lyssa & I have Coaching Circles for Agile Coaches starting regularly; we are also starting Mentor Circles – read more.
Growing an Agile Enterprise Advising & Coaching for Execs & Managers
Has your Agile implementation reached its limit? Think there might be more to Agile than just spinning out more teams? We believe organizations need a  to grow in a range of areas–from leadership to culture to management competencies–to attain an enterprise level of agility. Read more…. Are you an Agile Leader that wants a broader perspective? Wondering how to get more out of your organization’s Agile implementation? We can help you deepen your understanding and put your Agile experience in perspective with our professional executive coaching.
Team Coaching Coaching & Mentoring for Agile Coaches
Is the team you work on the best you’ve been on? Would you like it to be? Our industry-leading team coaching approach helps teams see measurable results, in both business and human terms. Find out how… We have mentored, trained and coached Agile Coaches like yourself for many years. Come learn, explore and grow with us in our red hot Agile Coach Circles.

“Michael understands about as well as anyone out there, that taking Agile to the enterprise level is all about getting people to change their behaviors. Michael truly understands this and he approaches his work…from a people-centric viewpoint. This makes him remarkably effective at forging relationships with stakeholders in order to move projects forward.” –Roland Cuellar

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