Team Coaching

“Teams are discrete units of performance, not a positive set of values.”
-Jon Katzenbach & Douglas Smith, The Wisdom of Teams

At Collective Edge, we love teams! Like the famous team researchers, Katzenbach and Smith, we believe that to create a real team takes the conscious application of discipline. ‘Teamwork’ is nice, but Teams exist to produce results. A ‘performing team’ is cabable of outperforming a collection of individuals by a very significant margin. This performance characteristic makes their appeal irresistable to the corporate leader.

At the same time, the experience of being on a real time is potentially a life changing event. The great American basketball player, Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls, was long a superstar. But Jordan did not become a champion for all time until he learned to sacrifice his personal greatness to make others better. The Bulls were unquestionably a great team and achieved six NBA championships in eight seasons.

High Performance Team: A real team whose levels of commitment to its purpose and goals exceed those of all other like groups and whose members are also committed to one another as individuals. This unit is rare, and its members remain committed to one another well beyond any formal team experience. – Jon Katzenbach

Closer to home, who amongst us does not remember those rare instances when all the stars seemed to align as you and your teammates strove together to achieve something that–at least in that moment of flow–felt like greatness!  It may have been an amateur softball or soccer team, a church or volunteer group, or perhaps you were lucky enough to have the experience at work!

Why don’t we think such instances can happen to every team? What would change in our business if we did?

Would  you like to have these kind of teams? Then please read. . . How Teams Work