Team Coaching

“I felt he really helped our team develop a strong bond and deliver amazing results to our business customers, in terms of project throughput.” Chris Scimone

Think executive coaching….multiplied by 10!
That’s Team Coaching.

Our team coaching–based on the groundbreaking Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching work of the Center for Right Relationship–helps your team get to its next level. By treating the team itself as the client (rather than the individuals or the leader), amazing things happen.

Our coaching model is explained here. Our team diagnostic assessment is here.  To learn if team coaching is right for you, read here.

We would be happy to offer your team a complementary sample session, to experience for themselves the power of this work. Find out more about how you can help your team get the most out of their ‘teamwork.’ Contact us on the web, or call Michael Spayd today at (720) 300-5286 for a free, no obligation consultation.