Team Diagnostic

Every team is unique. Yet, all teams share some common characteristics. The Team Diagnostic Assessment, developed by Team Coaching Internationl, measures the unique character of each team and provides a clear snapshot of who the team–as a team–is.

Teams exist to produce results. Each team will produce results to varying degrees, which we can characterize as its Productivity. Likewise, teams can be inspiring, fulfilling, fun places to work, or they can be demoralizing, stressful, competitive and generally miserable. Or anywhere in between.  These aspects taken together are the Positivity factors.

Thus, a team can be High in Productity but Low in Positivity. If it were a software team, it might be called a “death march.” Or consider a Low Productivity, High Positivity team: a fun place to work where not much gets done. The other options: Low Productivity, Low Positivity or HighProductivity, High Positivity are the nightmare or the ideal team of most of us. Look at the diagram below to see the different types.


The above “Quad” profile is one small part of the rich data available with the Team Diagnostic Assessment. For more information¬†about the Team Diagnosic Assessment, or to receive our free brochure, please contact us.