We specialize in finding, or creating, the best tools out there for moving your organization or team forward. The following list are those we are certified in, or at least skilled in using:

•    The Team Diagnostic Assessment (TDA) gives a picture of the team like no other. It is rich in layers and perspectives, mirroring the complexity of real life teams. The TDA is the ultimate conversation starter for team dialogues that are needing to happen. The TDA profile reveals the basis of the unique profile of strengths and challenges for a given collection of people striving to produce something beyond themselves. Engagements using the TDA are typically accompanied by team coaching work. We are Authorized Facilitators of the Team Diagnostic Assessment from Team Coaching International.

•    The Agile Maturity Framework (AMF) is a seven-layer model that addresses practices, behaviors and results at every level for an organization transitioning to an Agile Enterprise. From the individual and team, to the business and strategy, to middle management, leadership, culture and organization change, the AMF provides a comprehensive perspective to guide strategy, adoption, and continuous improvement. We are the originators of the Agile Maturity Framework.

•    The CultureTek suite of products, including the Organization Culture Indicator (OCI) and Leadership Practices Indicator (LPI) provide a picture of an organizations culture and leadership practices, respectively. For any change adoption under consideration, the Organization Culture type (Control, Competence, Collaboration or Cultivation) is the one key that will predict whether—and how—that transition will succeed, or fail.

•    The Open Forum is an approach developed by Arnie Mindell to help organizations and communities plumb deeply into the intelligence that lies at all levels within an organization in transition. As Mindell says “if multi-leveled organizations want to know themselves, they need to explore open forums to understand their various parts. Open Forums… are structured, person-to-person or cyber-space, democratic meetings, in which everyone feels represented.” Open Forums are not about people voting or coming to consensus per se, but rather employing “deep democracy” to allow all voices to be heard prior to using whatever decision-making process is appropriate.

•    Open Space Technology (OST) is a method for creating a self-organizing meeting or conference for 20 to 400 people, on any theme of interest. The results from using Open Space are unparalleled in tapping into creativity, problem solving, out of the box thinking and ‘organizational magic.’

•    The Belbin Team Roles are a classic indicator of the roles needed on effectively diverse teams. The team roles are described here. Viewing a sample report will give you an idea of what a completed profilelooks like for a given person.