Agile Enterprise

What will it take to make your Enterprise Agile?

We believe it takes a combination of elements. No suprise, it starts with Leadership. Along with our partners, we will help you develop your leadership agility in a variety of ways and at all levels, from the grassroots through middle management to the executive suite.

Leaders are responsible for creating Culture. Research shows that culture–more than anything–determines your ultimate success as an organization. Success on the bottom line, the loyalty of customers, the dedication and fulfillment of employees, and satisfied stakeholders. What is YOUR culture, and does it support you becoming an Agile Enterprise? We can help you align the Big Three: Strategy, Culture, and Leadership.

The third element is Team: conscious, disciplined, on-purpose teaming. Teams do not happen by collecting people and giving them an assignment. Teams develop through a clear performance challenge and then intentionally applying the discipline of teaming. We measure 14 essential factors that define the effective team. Then use a unique coaching process to catalyze their greatness. Think executive coaching, then multiply by a factor of 10.

An effective enterprise needs the right Process. We deal with process on two levels. The first is the familiar business process, the kind Deming made famous in helping the Japanese outcompete  U.S. industry. We specialize in Agile and Lean process thinking. The second is the process that happens in relationships, within the organization’s human systems unfolding over time. For this we rely on Process Psychology and Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching.

“Michael understands about as well as anyone out there, that taking Agile to the enterprise level is all about getting people to change their behaviors. Michael truly understands this and he approaches his work…from a people-centric viewpoint. This makes him remarkably effective at forging relationships with stakeholders in order to move projects forward.” Roland Cuellar

The final element of the Agile Enterprise–the one that brings them all together–is Change Capacity. Without the ability to change rapidly, fluidly and appropriately, today’s enterprise will be lost. Besides culture, this is the other key–though often overlooked–job of the leader.  We use a variety of change models to help organizations decide on, process, and move through change.

We hope you will explore the pages here, get in dialogue with us, and discover how you can achieve whatever is trying to happen in your enterprise.  We will do whatever we can to help you make that happen!

Agile Enterprise Transformation Agile Enterprise Transformation Agile Enterprise Transformation Agile Enterprise Transformation Agile Enterprise Transformation