Organization Culture

There are four types of organizational culture: Control, Competence, Collaboration and Cultivation (William Schneider, The Reengineering Alternative). Using an Agile orientation fits very differently in each culture. In the Control culture, for instance, Agile needs to be very data-centric, will tend to be more documentation and procedure-oriented, and will not look have the same ‘look and feel’ that it does in a more native Collaboration culture.

Org Culture

Knowing the type of culture your enterprise has is key to a successful implementation. At Collective Edge, we have been working with Bill Schneider and the role of culture in organizational change since 1997. We are certified in the use of the CultureTek Organization Culture Indicator and the Leadership CultureLink leadership style preference inventory. Knowing your culture can make the difference between a mediocre or failed implementation and one that produces 100% plus productivity improvement.

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