Eight-part Series in Advanced Agile Adoption

“Transformation and the Agile Enterprise”

#1 – Leadership Agility: Levels of Mastery for Leading in the Agile Enterprise (Oct. 5) Self Leadership: Transforming the ‘Inside Team’ (Oct 21)
As business environments become more complex and interconnected, the mandate for agile organizations and agile leaders could not be clearer.  Yet, research indicates only 10% of today’s managers have the level of leadership agility needed for long-term success. Bill Joiner’s award-winning book, Leadership Agility, and the ground breaking research behind it shows what leaders must do differently in this turbulent era. Meet Bill in this dynamic [for more & call recording] Most of what gets in the way of our good intentions for change and transformation comes from inside us. And only by going inside can we find the solution that will genuinely free us up to move forward toward lasting results. That’s where The Inside Team comes in. In this extremely dynamic session, Cynthia Loy Darst, internationally known as a pioneer in the coaching world, will take us beyond notions of negative self-talk and limiting beliefs to an incredibly [for more & to register]
Organization Culture: The Ultimate Secret Weapon Teams and Ensembles: Seeing from the Larger Whole
Research indicates that there is nothing more powerful than organization culture to drive (or deter) long-term business results. Since culture plays such a key role in Agile adoption, understanding it behooves all Agile change agents. Bill Schneider’s work on culture has been acknowledged as one of the key achievements of the past 100 years in social sciences. His CultureTek model has been can inform the overall strategy of your Agile adoption. Come hear Bill talk about the original research and subsequent applications to [for more & to register] Teams are the engine of growth for an Agile Enterprise [for more & to register]
Transforming Systems: Finding the Way Through Agile Program Office: Base for Change
Transforming systems is at the core of Agile adoption, whether at the individual, team, program, organizational or enterprise level. [for more & to register] Description coming soon…
The Agile Manager: New Skills for a Self-Organized World Agile Business: The New Paradigm of Value
Description coming soon… Description coming soon…