Inside Team

Self Leadership: Transforming the ‘Inside Team’

Second in the “Transformation and the Agile Enterprise” Teleseminar Series

Date/Time: Thursday October 21, 2010 –  Noon ET / 9 am PT (to register)

Description: Growing an Agile Enterprise is a multilevel problem: it ranges from your own self-leadership all the way to organizational culture and change, with everything in between. Are you or your clients fighting a losing battle in making the transition they most want to? Do they want to make the paradigm shift to Agile, but haven’t quite figured out how to do that in their current work environment?

Most of what gets in the way of our good intentions for change and transformation comes from inside us. And only by going inside can we find the solution that will genuinely free us up to move forward toward lasting results. That’s where The Inside Team comes in. In this extremely dynamic session, Cynthia Loy Darst, internationally known as a pioneer in the coaching world, will take us beyond notions of negative self-talk and limiting beliefs to an incredibly powerful approach to working with clients, teams and ourselves….starting inside our own mind! Cynthia will first demonstrate, then give participants the opportunity to work with the Inside Team technique for themselves.


Cynthia Loy Darst is a Master Certified Coach, a distinction few in the world can claim.  Named “One of the Top Ten Most Influential Coaches in the U.S.,” Cynthia is playful and inspiring, working with all kinds of people to move them past limitations and into action & fulfillment. Cynthia has been the Life Coach on Discovery Health’s “Star for a Day,” and for the pilot of “Life’s Too Short” on Discovery. She is a senior leader with the Coaches Training Institute, the Center for Right Relationship and one of the early influences in forming of the International Coaches Federation. Her company is The Inspiration Point. Check out her short YouTube video on a related version of this work.

To register: The teleseminar will be hosted on the incomparable Maestro Conferencing network. The session will be 60 minutes with an optional 30 minute follow-on interactive session. To register, please click register.