Agile Teams

To make the transition to Agile, the majority of development teams need an experienced Coach. A training course is not sufficient to get the 50+% productivity improvements regularly experienced by Agile teams.

Agile Team PowerStart – Startup Coaching
•    The Agile Team PowerStart!™ begins a team on the right foot, combining the high energy PowerStart!™ workshop with optional ongoing team coaching. The PowerStart!™ one-day workshop leads newly formed teams through the developmental work of the initial phase of team growth, proactively and collaboratively creating their team culture and explicit agreements for how  to work as a team. Ongoing team coaching is available to track progress towards goals and help hold the team accountable to their team agreements. Using the Team Diagnostic Assessment model as the basis, this is unlike any Agile coaching in the world. This workshop complements Agile training and product/project domain orientations.   We can collaborate with the team’s Agile Coach or Scrum Master to customize and co-lead the workshop for optimal continuity with the team.

Team Tuneup Coaching
•    Agile teams who began without an experienced coach often sub optimize the process, forfeiting dramatic benefits. Tuneup coaching begins with an Agile Health Assessment, then creates a custom plan of supplemental coaching and periodic check-ins to optimize external coaching time.

Coach Mentoring
•    Project Managers and other team leaders need both education and mentoring to become effective Agile coaches. Our thoroughly seasoned coaches can scale across 2-4 coach candidates (and teams) simultaneously.

“I never worked with Michael directly, but that has not affected the impact he has had on my Agile coaching career. He is immediately insightful, calls it as it is, puts you on the hook with his view of your abilities and shortcomings and challenges you to move to a new and more effective place. I am a better coach for it.” Lyssa Adkins

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