Is Your Enterprise Agile?

Do you have an Agile Enterprise?

Is your Agile implementation falling short of expectations?

•    Are your Agile teams stuck in a rut? Are they questioning whether they are even doing Agile?
•    Are your customers less engaged than you would like?
•    Are managers under stress because they’re not sure how to manage self-organized teams?
•    Is your Scrum Master complaining about the burden of executive and PMO reporting requirements?
•    Is your organization not sure how to reward Agile teams?

Implementing Agile is not a walk in the park. You may have started with a little training, or perhaps your team read a few books, but now they’re stuck. Things aren’t moving along like they were supposed to. You may even be wondering what all the hype with Agile was about!

It may have seemed easy enough when you began this journey, but our experience tells us organizations need expert guidance to successfully make the transition and get all the benefits.

One-hundred percent improvement in productivity (or more) should be the norm with your Agile teams, along with much higher customer satisfaction AND a team morale boost!

If that’s not true for you, we hope you will contact us. At Collective Edge, we have specialized in leading large-scale Agile change programs since 2001. Putting that expertise to work for you, we can provide you (and if appropriate, your implementation partner) an objective perspective on where you are now, and where you are going. We can help you get to the promise of Agile.

Our clients have found, it’s no hype!

Contact Us today to learn more about our high leverage, low investment approach.

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