Our Partners

Collective Edge works in cooperation with a number of different organizations and individuals to provide a variety of services to fit the unique needs of each client, and because ‘pairing’ is the most effective way to coach.  Current partnerships and associations include:

Cornerstone Team Development

Jane Patterson and her partner Bill Abbate are behind Cornerstone, which focuses on developing and coaching teams, as well as leaders. Jane and I are at work on a campaign to bring the Team Diagnostic Assessment to the Pittsburgh area this Fall, as well as proposing team coaching engagements.

Cricketwing / Lyssa Adkins

Cricketwing is the inspiration of Lyssa Adkins, who is currently writing a book in the Mike Cohn signature series on Agile coaching. Lyssa and I have collaborated around several things, most prominently the Compleat Agile Manager course aimed at helping middle managers thrive and contribute in an Agile world.

CC Pace

CC Pace provides both out- and in-sourced Agile development, as well as Agile Coaching and Implementation services. Their Lean-Agile practice was one of the earliest in the industry to embrace Lean and large scale Agile adoption. We have partnered on several large-scale Agile clients, primarily in the Financial Services industry.

CultureTek (CDG)

Bill Schneider and the Corporate Development Group are the originators of the CultureTek model, which is a typology for organization culture (Control, Competence, Collaboration and Cultivation). Bill and I have been collaborating since about 1997 on various projects, including applying his culture model to the Agile Enterprise.