Friend Organizations

Collective Edge has a number of “Friends,” other companies that we’ve worked with over the years and provide services that some of our clients may find of value to their situation.

Edge of Change / Corinne McElroy

Corrine and I went to coaching school together, both Co-Active Coaching at the Coaches Training Institute and the Organization and Relationship Systems coaching from Center for Right Relationship. We are both rather outrageous and work well together, especially when in new territory (way out on the edge).

Outformations / David Chilcott
Outformations does both Agile software development and Agile coaching and  consulting on the full range of Agile transformation. David is a ‘wild man’ who speaks truth in a calm, implacable way.

Agile ThinkingTobias Mayer

Tobias Mayer is a one of a kind guy. I would describe him as Agile coach, poet and disturber of conventional thinking. Tobias and I have worked on Scrum training together, plus he invited me to his “west coast” Scrum Gathering back in 2006. I value Tobias keeping us all honest.

CC Pace
CC Pace provides both out- and in-sourced Agile development, as well as Agile Coaching and Implementation services. Their Lean-Agile practice was one of the earliest in the industry to embrace Lean and large scale Agile adoption. We have partnered on several large-scale Agile clients, primarily in the Financial Services industry.

Innovel has a wide range of experience implementing Agile at scale. We worked together in a large scale client for almost 2 years, learning and teaching each other a great deal.

Ten Pearls / Ahmed Sidky
Ahmed Sidky took on the first serious implementation of an Agile maturity framework, doing research for his Ph.D. dissertation. We hit it off right away and have had many exchanges on what makes a mature Agile organization. Ahmed and his partners do Agile coaching and implementation. He was chair of the Agile 2009 conference.

Implementing Scrum
Mike Vizdos is known to much of the Agile community for his famous chicken and pig cartoons, illustrating numerous Agile lessons. Mike is a prolific Certified Scrum Trainer (he’s always somewhere else than he was 10 minutes ago). He may have discovered Star Trek transport mechanisms two centuries early. We partnered and learned a lot from each other at a large client for several years.