“Michael is simply one of the best agility and change management consultants around…I strongly recommended Michael to anyone looking to effect large scale change of any sort: lean, agile, or simply project effectiveness.”
Sanjiv Augustine

Reputation, in the coaching and consulting business, is pretty much all you have. We are proud of our Accomplishments with clients, our Training, study and research, and our Credentials.


We are mostly defined by what we have helped our clients achive. Some of what we’ve done with clients is detailed on our Clients page and in Results. Some of what they have said is listed here.

“Michael understands about as well as anyone out there, that taking Agile to the enterprise level is all about getting people to change their behaviors. Michael truly understands this and he approaches his work…from a people-centric viewpoint. This makes him remarkably effective at forging relationships with stakeholders in order to move projects forward.” Roland Cuellar

“Michael, is one of the best Agile consultants in the field. I know of about 30, capable of setting up an agile space within an organization, and will rank Michael in the top 5 industry wide. He is able to work with complex organizations, teams and individuals to set up an agile space where time to market, business customer sarisfaction, and quality are a factor.” Michael Euripides,

Training & Study

Michael’s training in the field is unique. Beginning with training in psychology and psychotherapy at The Naropa University. That was followed by 15 years in the IT profession, as knowledge engineer, project manager, and business process reengineering consultant. During the 1990s, Michael studied and trained in total quality management, quality function deployment, business process management, software process improvement, the Capability Maturity Model, six sigma, and Agile methods such as Extreme Programming and Scrum. He also took courses in professional facilitation.

In 2006, Michael began formal coach and leadership training, in executive coaching, leadership, and relationship systems coaching.  This path has led to fundamental breakthroughs in his ability to help clients.

“Michael emanates professionalism and vision. He brought keen listening skills, strong facilitation skills and team motivation skills to the project in which we partnered together. He works well with all levels of management, helping them focus on their transformation goals.” Tiffany Lentz

“Michael assisted my team as an Agile Coach. His laid-back style put me off at first, and then I began to understand his techniques. He carefully watched the team and quickly formed a strategy that led to truly remarkable results. He intervened only when necessary, and with great effectiveness. He paid particular attention to the people-centric, organizational change perspective of our Agile implementation. He also helped me individually in a coaching capacity as I began the transition from a traditional command and control manager to an Agile leader.” John Harvey, Jr.


Michael has achieved the following credentials:

  • Organization & Relationship Systems Certified Coach, in progress (2/10)
  • Authorized Facilitator, Team Diagnostic Assessment, Team Coaching International
  • Certified Professional Facilitator, International Association of Facilitators
  • Organization Culture Alignment Indicator, Corporate Development Group
  • Leadership CultureLink, Leadership Style Indicator, Corporate Development Group
  • Co-Active Coach Training, Coaches Training Insitute

Michael really cares about his clients and their success. His professional advice and experience is priceless.” Curtis Garrett

“ I learned a lot about facilitating from Michael. He is really good at reading a room, asking questions to see where people are and how they are feeling. ” Kara Silva

“Michael first and foremost, is an expert in enterprise change management and agile/SCRUM adoption…. His approach inspires others to perform their best and learn effortlessly.” Eric Palmer

“Michael has been and continues to be an excellent asset to our team. He can be an extremely effective team member when needed or he can step back as a consultant and provide the external perspective that we all value.” Chris Doss

“Michael has exceptional mentoring and coaching skills and emerged as a leader in [Fortune 200 Financial Services]. Michael stands by his principles and is not easily influenced or swayed by corporate bureaucracy to accomplish established goals.” Todd Cole